Parsonage Kitchen Update

As I write this, the renovation of the parsonage kitchen is nearly complete. The parsonage family is doing some finish up work.  They are installing an accent strip in the backsplash and doing some painting.  So I thought it was time to say thanks. Thank you to J.H. Construction and General Contracting. They were the general contractor and did a terrific job.  They were very professional.

Thank you to Herzog’s for the cabinets and counter tops. They hung in with us from the initial plans in 2013 until last minute additions in April.

Thank you to the members of the congregation who did the demolition of the old kitchen.

To the parsonage family, a very special thanks for all their patience and assistance. Glenn was there daily and is also doing the painting.

Finally, thank you to those who contributed funds to do the renovation. As they say in public television and radio, it would not have been possible without you.

– Daniel Ruback (

kitchen-remodelIt has taken longer than expected but we now have three kitchen remodeling quotes. The quotes for the work range from $28,704 to $44,800.  They do not include the $5,772 quote for the cabinets and countertops or the cost of the range, refrigerator, washer, dryer, sink and faucet or lighting fixtures.  The project cost comes to $40,000 plus any items that will not be known until the old kitchen is removed.

The kitchen fund drive last spring raised $27,000 and that coupled with the $2,000 of Miracle Sunday funds remaining after the Social Hall wall and floor was completed means we have $29,000 on hand for the project. I believe the figure used in the spring campaign, based on the quote obtained for the Miracle Sunday campaign was too low.

 We need around $10,000 to be able to start the project. The second fund raising campaign needs to be a quick campaign, hopefully less than a month, so that we can get contracts signed before the quoted amounts  go up.  Please consider giving so that the remodeling can finally begin.

Thank you.

Dan Ruback (