April 2023 Book Study

Tri-Church Study

– New Paltz UMC – St Andrew’s Episcopal – Redeemer Lutheran –

Join us in this opportunity to study deeper and live out our strength as a Reconciling Congregation – taking love to the streets for the annual June New Paltz Pride Parade……

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm or
Thursdays 1-2:30pm
Beginning April 19th/20th,
Contact us for Zoom link

“Arguing from the heart of scripture, Reverend Elizabeth Edman reveals how queering Christianity—that is, disrupting simplistic ways of thinking about self and other—can illuminate contemporary Christian faith. Pushing well past the notion that “Christian love = tolerance,” Edman offers a bold alternative: the recognition that queer people can help Christians better understand their fundamental calling and the creation of sacred space where LGBTQ Christians are seen as gifts to the church.”

Stepping off from Rev. Erdman’s book, we’ll consider how to deepen and build welcome for LGBTQ people through our churches, and take our message of reconciling love to the streets, just in time for the Hudson Valley Pride Parade on Sunday, June 4th.