Covenant Groups

CovenantGroups 1Are you seeking personal spiritual nourishment?

Would you like to support others in their faith journeys? Would you like a safe, supportive setting to process your thoughts, feelings, joys, and struggles in your relationship with God? Do you desire an opportunity to build a close relationship with others in a small group? Perhaps you will be interested in joining a spiritual covenant group. A spiritual covenant group is a group of persons who “covenant” to each other their commitment of support, relationship, time and confidentiality.

Members of the group will commit to meet once a week. Meeting day and time will be decided based on the schedules of those interested in participating. Groups will be limited to 5 to 8 members, and multiple groups will be formed as needed. New groups will commit to meet for two months. At the end of the 2-month session, the group will have an opportunity to re-form for a new session.

New members can join and existing members may choose whether or not to participate in the next session.

If you are interested in joining a covenant group or if you have any questions, please contact: Linda Mellor, 691-1182,