Continuing the Conversation

…in the discernment of becoming an Anti-Racist congregation

January brought a wide range of Social Justice issues to the worship services at NPUMC.  In a series designed by the Anti-Racist Congregation Exploratory Team, guest preachers focused on topics with deep and resounding impact in our society – Educational Inequity, Incarceration, Economic Injustice/Unemployment, Medical and Mental Health. They challenged us to look at these issues within our church, our community, and ourselves.  They started the conversation. We would like to continue it. 

During February, we would like to hear from you.  Please send us your feedback and your questions so we can address them in a congregational discussion.  The Anti-Racist Congregation Exploratory Team, under the Committee on Justice, Outreach, and Mission, is committed to using this time to examine what we have done and look to the future, but it begins with looking at ourselves within the larger picture.  What were your thoughts on our worship series?  Where did you find yourself curious?  Surprised?  Uncomfortable?  What made you think, “really?,” or, possibly more importantly, “No, that’s not me…”?  Share your thoughts by sending an email to and include “JOM” in the subject line.  How can we, as individuals and as a church community, move toward the continual work of being an Anti-Racist congregation?