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Connected to Kenya

We are helping a community in rural Kenya, and they are inspiring us with their resilience and leadership for their community and the whole United Methodist Church. Over the last four years, NPUMC has contributed to windows for a clinic, a well for clean water, an agricultural project, a church building, and scholarships for more than 20 students making their way through high school and college.


The NYAC is recommending two relief efforts through
Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church
UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief).

*** 100% of your donation reaches your chosen mission project or ministry ***

Use the links below to donate directly
write a check to NPUMC with Ukraine / Advance # in memo field
(if Advance # not specified donations will be split between the two)

Advance #14053A: Eurasia In Mission Together – Ukraine and Moldova
Donations to this Advance account will be quickly transferred to the bank account
of the UMC of Ukraine, which has a system in place to retrieve these donations,
put them to immediate use, and provide reporting on the usage of these funds.
To donate, go to:  Eurasia in Mission Together

Advance #982450: UMCOR International Disaster Response
Donations to this Advance account will be directed to UMCOR, which is
already partnering with agencies on the ground in Eastern and
Central Europe to assist those displaced by the fighting. 
To donate, go to:  UMCOR International Disaster Response
Donations to this account should be designated “for Ukraine”.

Habitat for Humanity

NPUMC supports both Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh and Ulster County Habitat for Humanity. Church members regularly donate their time and money, working on Newburgh Habitat’s “Methodist & Friends” builds, joining in Habitat’s fundraisers, and offering prayers and helping to realize the shared vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

You can help support these efforts by donating through NPUMC. Designate your gift with memo “Newburgh Habitat” or “Ulster Habitat”.

SUNY Food Pantry

NPUMC has been a strong supporter of the SUNY Student Christian Center Food Pantry through donations of food and money. The food pantry serves the entire SUNY New Paltz campus community. The need and demand continues to grow!

You can donate through NPUMC, designating your donation for SUNY Food Pantry.

Visit the Food Pantry website for more information and the history of this vital program.