Planned Giving

The Planned Giving Committee was created in 1997 to educate the congregation about the nature, purpose and opportunities for planned gifts.  Planned Gifts are those that are “planned”, that is given through wills or bequests, annuities, trusts or gifts to an endowment fund.  The Committee has a booklet entitled “Planned Giving, What It Is and How to Do It”.  For more information, please contact the New Paltz UMC Planned Giving Committee at

The Endowment Fund was also established in 1997 with a gift from the estate of Grace Elliott.  Currently worth over $400,000, thanks in part to a major gift from The Dorothy Bordenstein Trust, its purpose is to receive donations from people who want their gifts to “keep on giving”.  Donations are accepted at any time.

Donations to the Endowment Fund are not spent, but are invested according to the Discipline of the United Methodist Church, only the earnings are.  The earnings (which include interest, dividends and appreciation) are calculated annually as 4.5% of the average five-year value of the Fund on each June 30th and used to support the ministry of our congregation.

Read the details for the 2020 Annual Announcement of Endowment Fund Earnings

Want to save on your taxes? Give to the church!

If you are of a certain age you probably know that minimum annual distributions are required from your IRA.  Did you know that you can use some or all of that distribution to make a nontaxable gift to the New Paltz UMC?  If you wish to make a nontaxable gift it has to go directly from the IRA to the Church.  Please contact your financial advisor for details on how to do this.  Thank you.