Knitting Together – The Story

With yarn
and conversation
and scripture
We are still knitting
and stitching….

by Margaret Howe, November 2020

It has been one year! As I said on the first flyer for Knitting Together, I always wanted to be part of a faith based knitting group – so I decided to  start one.  I did and it makes me smile!

For me, knitting is a daily spiritual discipline – and has been for about 10 years – I knit EVERYDAY, about 30 minutes, as my spiritual discipline. I find a scripture or song to include in this time of devotion and all that might go with that time for that day. I also knit other times! It gives me pleasure. It reminds me of the two people, my grandmother and my mother-in-law, who taught me to knit (and crochet).  The result is something for someone to use – a hat, a sweater, an afghan, a scarf, a pair of mittens, a prayer shawl.  What could be better – such satisfaction!

How did we get to Knitting Together? I am also an avid reader – and have read many books where the story involved a group of folks getting together to knit around the table.  There are series of books – mysteries where the main character is a knitter or operates a knitting store, often knitting something throughout the book and at the end – the project is finished and the reader gets the pattern. I thought for several years – I can start a group and we can sit around a table and knit and talk – and it would be wonderful for it to be faith based!

So often we wish and want and desire to do something for ourselves and it never happens – we do not make the time – we have excuses – we think no one will come – and on it goes.  Finally, October 28, 2019 – I invited folks to come to Knitting Together.  It was personal and it happened! There were 4 of us at the first session! It started with a book study and scripture and is has now become a faith-based fellowship. At each session there have been 4 to 12 people – including folks from other churches – I love it!

We meet monthly and through COVID-19 we have met and will continue to meet  via ZOOM – holding up what we are working on!  To attend the criteria is to bring some kind of needle arts – knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, AND want to learn – we will teach you! Our conversations are prayerful, and we have left some sessions with a mission project involving this art form.

Knitting Together – works in progress – tangible projects and that which is our hearts.  Thank you to those who come! And welcome to those who might come! 

Contact us for info on our next Knitting Together session and Zoom link!