Knitting Together – The Story

With yarn
and conversation
and scripture
We are still knitting
and stitching….

by Margaret Howe, November 2020

It has been one year! As I said on the first flyer for Knitting Together, I always wanted to be part of a faith based knitting group – so I decided to  start one.  I did and it makes me smile!

For me, knitting is a daily spiritual discipline – and has been for about 10 years – I knit EVERYDAY, about 30 minutes, as my spiritual discipline. I find a scripture or song to include in this time of devotion and all that might go with that time for that day. I also knit other times! It gives me pleasure. It reminds me of the two people, my grandmother and my mother-in-law, who taught me to knit (and crochet).  The result is something for someone to use – a hat, a sweater, an afghan, a scarf, a pair of mittens, a prayer shawl.  What could be better – such satisfaction!

How did we get to Knitting Together? I am also an avid reader – and have read many books where the story involved a group of folks getting together to knit around the table.  There are series of books – mysteries where the main character is a knitter or operates a knitting store, often knitting something throughout the book and at the end – the project is finished and the reader gets the pattern. I thought for several years – I can start a group and we can sit around a table and knit and talk – and it would be wonderful for it to be faith based!

So often we wish and want and desire to do something for ourselves and it never happens – we do not make the time – we have excuses – we think no one will come – and on it goes.  Last fall, actually it was October 28, 2019 – I invited folks to come to Knitting Together.  It was personal and it happened! There were 4 of us at the first session! It started with a book study and scripture and is has now become a faith-based fellowship. At each session there have been 4 to 12 people – including folks from other churches – I love it!

We meet monthly and through COVID-19 we have met and will continue to meet  via ZOOM – holding up what we are working on!  To attend the criteria is to bring some kind of needle arts – knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, AND want to learn – we will teach you! Our conversations are prayerful, and we have left some sessions with a mission project involving this art form.

Knitting Together – works in progress – tangible projects and that which is our hearts.  Thank you to those who come! And welcome to those who might come!