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Supplemental Food Program

This program provides bags of food each month for 20 families at the ABCD (Agri- Business Child Development) Center and 10 senior citizen households at Meadowbrook. We shop for a variety of foods, assemble the bags and deliver them to the ABCD Center and to Meadowbrook each month. Each bag of food costs between $20.00 and $25.00. Each month we spend between $600.00 and $750.00 to help meet food needs in New Paltz. If you would like to contribute to this effort, donate to NPUMC with memo designation “Supplemental Food Program”.

Joan and Vinnie Gallagher



and More…

An active mission in the New Paltz area is driven by the passion of Joan and Vinnie Gallagher. Joan shares with us the vital role they are playing, helping folks in need in a variety of ways. The New Paltz United Methodist church has an informal partnership with the New Paltz Recycling Center to promote food rescue, textile reuse and the redistribution of durable medical equipment.

Prayer Blanket Ministry

The New Paltz United Methodist Church Prayer Blanket Ministry is our rendition of the more widely known Prayer Shawl Ministry. A prayer blanket is knitted or crocheted in squares by many members of our church and then stitched together to form a blanket. Prayers of blessing, healing, hope, and thanksgiving are woven into the blanket as each stitch is worked. A final group blessing over the finished blanket is held before passing the blanket on to the recipient.

The Eloise McKnight Trust provides grants for mission, ministry, service and outreach.

Eloise McKnight’s primary aim in creating this trust was to “encourage our mission and ministry at the growing edge of faith, service and outreach in Christ’s name.” She “affirmed the unique mix of spiritually biblical foundation, sense of mission and social outreach that has characterized the New Paltz United Methodist Church for many years.”

Free Fresh Food is a pop up food giveaway that takes surplus goods and makes them available to anyone who stops by. There are no strings, no justification of need, no questions. It’s helping to reduce food waste. It’s ecumenical. Currently it’s at New Paltz UMC one Sunday, Redeemer Lutheran Church two Sundays, and St. Andrews one Sunday.


Sara Flores – Our Missionary Partner in Ecuador

Sara and Dakin (Photo by Paul Jeffrey)

Sara Flores is a UMC missionary in Ecuador working to strengthen the leadership of women and to address the needs of children in local communities. New Paltz United Methodist Church is in a Covenant Relationship with Sara, providing financial support and faithful prayers.  You can support our relationship by donating to NPUMC (memo: Sara Flores Mission).   

Mitten Tree

One of the heartwarming (and head, neck and hand warming) sights at the corner of Grove and Main streets in New Paltz is the mitten tree. For years during cold winter months, the mitten tree has been festooned with handmade hats, scarves and mittens created by members of the NPUMC community. Handmade or store-purchased, we are in need of your donations to spread a little warmth to our community!

Care Team

NPUMC seeks to live Christ’s words to love one another. This desire takes many forms in this congregation . The Care Team is one of those. It is an effort to help us share our needs and share our abilities to meet those needs. It has meant providing meals, transportation, encouragement, food, phone calls, notes, household help, painting….whatever is needed and we can do.

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