Free Fresh Food

Free Fresh Food is a pop up food giveaway that takes surplus goods and makes them available to anyone who stops by. There are no strings, no justification of need, no questions. It’s helping to reduce food waste. It’s ecumenical.

Each Sunday, a different church hosts this event from 1 to 3pm, the 4th Sunday of the month is here at NPUMC.

Carol Bialy from New Paltz UMC has been coordinating these efforts every week and loves it when folks from our church community stop by to give her a hand and to support these gifts to our local neighborhoods.

Of course, as the weeks go by, it has become more than simply food distribution. It’s a hug of bread and danish for the woman who’s been living in her car, a helping hand to the young man with special needs who loves bagels and onions, an opportunity for gratitude from the woman who wanted to pay for her bagful of goodies. It was the young couple who took two carrots and two potatoes cradling them in their hands as they continue on their way. It’s sweet. Their blessings are felt.

November 2022, Carol Bialy writes:

It was a productive first year in our new garden space.  We were able to add organic greens, peas, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. not only to our own monthly free fresh food table but to every free fresh food table to every participating church every week all summer long.  We were able to contribute to the Harvest festival as well.  We have learned so much in such a short time.  A million thanks to Jackson for offering the use of his space.  We will be meeting periodically throughout the colder months to discuss plans for next year like drip irrigation, crop selection, old ways, new methods, ideas and experiments.  If anyone should like to join Linda, Jacqui, Kathy, Jackson, Alex and me then please email  Next year will be even more productive as we take what we have learned and grow some more.