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sara-flores-missionary-support-letterLetter from Sara Flores

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SaraFlores_MissionaryNPUMC established a Missionary Covenant Relationship with Sara Flores, missionary to Ecuador in October 2013. Six members of our congregation traveled to Ecuador on a “Volunteers in Mission” trip, where we met Sara and were able to see first-hand some of the work she is doing with the local women and children, and witness the influence she has on their church communities.

Sara is working with the church in Ecuador on a national level to support education, indigenous churches, evangelism and discipleship. Many of the programs are centered on children and strengthening the family.

NPUMC is entering the second year of our 3-year Missionary Covenant Relationship.  We have pledged a minimum financial contribution of $5 per member per year.  If you would like to donate more than that, it would be wonderful to be able to provide even more support to the amazing work that Sara is doing.

Here are some links to cards and letters and articles about Sara and her work in Ecuador.  2014-nov-sara-and-dakin-newsletter