Organ Campaign Message

For several years our Music Director, Lee Pritchard, emphasized the need for organ repairs in his report to the annual charge conference.  The repairs are needed to the organ’s wind system, including its wind pressure regulators and bellows.

The Board of Trustees, with the support of the Administrative Council, has set up a committee and initiated a fund raising campaign to raise the money to do the repairs.  Our pipe organ is nearly 100 years old and needs our help to perform at its best. Not many churches have pipe organs and the need to maintain this instrument is good for our church and community.  Based on the quotes Lee has received and his timeframe for repairs our goal is to raise $25,000 to have the repairs done in 2021.

The campaign had a soft start in summer of 2020!  In the months since the announcement opening the campaign $2,125 has been received, raising the total in the fund to more than $7,600.

In the coming months you will be getting more reminders and updates of the campaign. Please consider making your gift now.  Remember, repairs cannot be started until the funds to pay for them have been raised.  Gifts may be made to the New Paltz United Methodist Church with “Organ Fund” in your check Memo or Online at Online Giving – Online Giving – New Paltz United Methodist Church ( – Click on Organ Donate Button.

With Musical Gratitude, Thank you

November 2021 Update

In June 2020, a campaign was started by the Trustees to raise the approximately $25,000 needed to repair our nearly 100-year-old pipe organ.  The Organ Fund balance is now $12,006.  The repairs cannot start until we have reached our fund raising goal.  Please consider making a gift.  Gifts can be made by a check mailed to the Church.  Please write “Organ Fund” on the check’s memo line.  On line contributions can also be made.