Social Injustices Worship Series

New Years is a time for reflections and resolutions.  It is a time when we think of all that has happened over the past 12 months and look to what may happen in the next twelve months and beyond.  But what if it is not looking at what “may happen,” but rather looking at what we can make happen?  

On January 2nd, New Paltz UMC will start a month long focus on Social Justice, a series of topics on social injustice and its impact across systems, groups, and individuals.  Each week worship will center on topics that affect us all; Education, Incarceration, Economic Injustice/Unemployment, and Medical and Mental Health Access. Guest preachers will include Rev. Ximena Diaz-Varas, Frederick Brewington, Carol Barton, Betty Gannon, and Rev. Tobias Anderson. 

New Years is a time for reflections and resolutions.  This year, may it also be a time of revelation.

Our worship services may be viewed at any time from this website or on Facebook. Join us there live Sunday mornings at 9:45am or via Zoom (contact us for link).