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New Paltz UMC

Sundays 9:45am
In-Person, Zoom, FB Live
1 Grove Street
New Paltz, NY 12561
(845) 255-5210

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Pastors of the Southern Valley Cooperative Parish

Zintack Albert Hahn

Parish Coordinator

Serving: Milton-Marlboro UMC; Memorial UMC, Modena; First UMC of Highland

Limina Grace Harmon

Serving: New Paltz UMC; First UMC of Highland

Gail Erdie

Serving: Lloyd UMC; Town of Esopus UMC; First UMC of Highland

George A. Hart

Serving: Plutarch UMC; First UMC of Highland

Pastor Interviews

Our pastors were asked to respond to a series of questions. Get to know them better through these short videos:

What is a Cooperative Parish?

Local churches, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, may enhance their witness to one another and to the world by showing forth the love of Jesus Christ through forms of mutual cooperation.

Paragraph 206 of the 2016 Book of Discipline

A cooperative ministry is when groups of people representing two or more churches share their ministries to meet the needs of the community.

A cooperative parish is an ongoing structured way to employ cooperative ministries between churches within a defined region.

The cooperative parish will have a Parish Council with clergy and laity from each church in the cooperative parish to discuss, plan and make decisions regarding mission and
ministry through the cooperative parish. There are several forms of cooperative parishes. We are engaged in a Multiple Charge Parish where every church in the Cooperative Parish maintains their local church identity and participates in the Cooperative Parish Council for shared mission and ministry. In a Multiple Charge Parish, clergy are appointed to the Cooperative Parish and assigned to a local church(es) and their communities.

The Cooperative Parish provides the opportunity for all churches
to engage in ministry together that which they cannot do alone.

Many churches do not have the people or resources to organize a church missions event, confirmation retreat or regular outreach activities on their own. However, these mission and ministry opportunities are possible in a cooperative parish. Cooperative Parishes also offer the laity to have access to different and new ministry opportunities, experience the gifts and leadership of other clergy and laity across the parish, and use their gifts and calling in new contexts and settings across the parish. Through cooperative Parishes, the laity can be empowered and equipped to live into their unique ministries.

Cooperative Parishes are a Wesleyan model of our connection to expand our church’s ministry to the communities, using our churches and our parish ministries as the center of transformative possibility to all the people in the parish.

Southern Valley Cooperative Parish Council

Albert Hahn, Milton-Marlboro, ModenaLimina Grace Harmon, New PaltzGeorge Hart, Plutarch, HighlandGail Erdie, Lloyd, EsopusLaura Corbett, Plutarch
Eileen Daunt, ModenaDeb Dressel, PlutarchKaren Garner, EsopusJohn Hopper, Milton-MarlboroMargaret Howe, New Paltz
Ed Mackey, Milton-MarlboroLinda Mellor, New PaltzLinda Mesuda, PlutarchPam Pardee, LloydStephanie Parsons, New Paltz
Jane Ruback, New PaltzKaren Seyfert, New PaltzSuzanne Smith-Ramos, Milton-MarlboroBarbara Terpening, ModenaJoseph Watson, Modena
David Winters, Milton-Marlboro

A Parish Council is a body of active clergy appointed to the churches and charges in the Cooperative Parish and lay persons from each church and charge in a Cooperative Parish. The role of the Parish Council is critical to the life of the Cooperative Parish. Through the building of relationships, discovery and mutual sharing of gifts, expertise and skills, the Parish Council envisions, directs and implements the mission and ministry of the Cooperative Parish to meet the needs of all people in the communities of the Cooperative Parish and invites all people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Gospel message of hope, love and grace. The Parish Council will align the Cooperative Parish with the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the New York Annual Conference.


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