As we continue to recognize the need for safety, we are trying new ways to share together in this Holy Sacrament.
Each Communion Worship may be different.

The service will also be available on our website and via Zoom and Facebook Live. If you join remotely during our live broadcast, we suggest that you prepare your own sacred space with some type of juice or other drink, some bread or food item, and possibly a candle.

At New Paltz UMC we are serious about communion. Communion is about togetherness- we commune. Sharing the Feast in real time, even if not all in one place, is a crucial part of the sacred nature of communion. If you are joining us live remotely, we invite you to share the feast with us, right now in real time. Bring your own elements to your worship setting – any kind of drink and morsel of food can become sacred. Here is the recipe for the Gluten Free Bread we serve in the sanctuary.
If you are worshipping with us later, welcome to the Holy Mystery – share your questions and thoughts, and join us in real time next week.


Communion is served the second and fourth Sundays of the month at NPUMC

during  the 9:45am worship service.

Our table is open to everyone.

 We invite you with these words:

 “Christ invites to his Table all who repent and come to receive

Every color of the earth, every corner of the globe

Old or young, You Are Welcome

 Able to come on your own two feet, needing the help of canes, crutches

prosthetics, the strong arm of a neighbor, or needing the elements

brought to you, You Are Welcome

Whatever your sexual orientation, however you are dressed, you are welcome

If you feel you are worthy You Are Welcome

If you feel you are unworthy, Christ Jesus welcomes you to His table.”

To ensure that everyone can share together in this meal.  Only grape juice

and gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free communion bread is served.

Here is the recipe we use if you have other food concerns you need to consider.

Communion Bread Recipe

We receive by intinction: When you come to receive, you will be handed a piece of bread with the words “The body of Christ, broken for you.”
You are then invited to dip that piece of bread in the chalice (cup) as the server says, “The blood of Christ, shed for you”.
If you prefer, we also offer the same homemade bread and grape juice in pre-wrapped containers on a table next to the servers.
Help yourself to a packet and the servers will share their words of blessing. 
Once served, you may choose to partake by kneeling at the Communion Rail or prayerfully return to your seat.

For a deeper understanding of the meaning of Communion 
in the United Methodist Understanding (including Spanish and Korean translations), please click Here.