What to Expect

Visiting a new church can be uncomfortable or intimidating the first time until you know what to expect. We hope you find our church a welcoming, nurturing place to worship.

Also read our Guidelines for In-Person Worship as some of the details below may not be available during this restricted period of COVID-19

As We Re-Open…

Parking – along both sides of Grove St. wherever you can find a spot. There is a 2-hour limit Monday-Friday from the parsonage to Main Street. On Sundays, you may also park in front of Caldwell Banker and Allen Ross, Architect locations on Main Street.

Entrances – On Sunday, or for services, the Main St.(brown) door is open.  The Grove St. door is also open for services. Either can be used. You are welcome to sit anywhere. For meetings or church dinners, use the Grove St. entrance. You may use the stairway to the church basement or the elevator in the rear of the church. There is a doorbell by the stairway which can be used when assistance is needed to use the elevator. For Playschool, use the farther side entrance (glass doors) on Grove St. between the church and the parsonage. Follow the sidewalk along the driveway. This door is only open during Playschool hours.

Ushers – Greet attendees and hand out Bulletins listing our order of worship and announcements.

Children – We are child-friendly. After you and your child(ren) have been here a few weeks, they will be invited to participate in the service by bringing the Offertory, serving as Accolades and in other ways.  There is a Quiet Room available where you can listen and view the service without worry.

Coffee Hour – We invite you to join us after services so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us. Please introduce yourself to Pastor Grace.

Kitchen – Located in the lower level. Use Grove St. entrance and stairway.

Bathrooms – There are 3 bathrooms in the lower level. Use Grove St. entrance and stairway. Turn right at bottom of stairs. Women’s Room is on right under the stairs, first door. Men’s Room second door on right. There is a Handicapped Unisex Bathroom in the hallway on the far side of the dining room. This bathroom can also be found if you take the stairway at the back of the church.

Elevator – There is an elevator in the rear of the church. For those who cannot climb stairs, use Grove St. entrance and cross through the church. Go through doors at the back of the church, elevator is on left. The elevator is self-service. Directions for operation are posted in the elevator.

#1: Just inside Grove St. entrance, goes to Kitchen, dining room, small meeting room, bathrooms.
#2: Just inside Main St. entrance, at the back of the church, goes to Kitchen, dining room, small meeting room, bathrooms.
#3: Playschool entrance, goes to classrooms in Playschool wing and small meeting room.